A short review of Outlook 2010

Here are a few short impressions of the new Outlook 2010.

The installation was done without problem. During the start two things quickly became obvious:

  1. The new Outlook starts FAST. Faster than the older version.
  2. The ribbon bar is now also in the main dialog.

While the first item obviously is a good one, I (personally) rate the second one as negative. since I’m not a friend of ribbon bars. They’re easy to use for some things like BOLD or ITALICS, but difficult for the complex administration tasks of the Outlook main dialog.

A further test shows that in 32-Bit mode the Outlook sync software Easy2Sync for Outlook (in the new version 3.05) is already compatible. The 64-Bit mode still creates problems, which will also be a trouble for end-users. Since they (usually) don’t know whether they installed 32 or 64 bit, they don’t know which version of the add-on to download…

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